Thursday 25 September 2014

Online Resources for a Computer Science Undergraduate

Online Resources for a Computer Science

Computer science being the ever dynamic field it is comes with the quite herculean task of having to keep yourself apprised with the latest in the field. If you are an undergraduate in the University studying Computer science and you feel what you get in your lecture halls in school is not just enough, then this article is for you. It contains a list of websites that contain enough information to keep you up to speed in the field and also aid you as you walk through your school curriculum.

Favorite Languages For Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computation

Languages For Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computation

Fortran: Anyone who thinks FORTRAN is some ancient archaic language is speaking out of nothing but sheer ignorance. Lauded by many as the numero uno of Programming Languages in Scientific Computation combined with its amazing speed (the fastest high-level language), It seats on my number one spot in computational science. It's easy to learn, use and its imperative structure and enables fast prototyping coupled with support for arrays, modular programming and generic programming, object-oriented programming, and concurrent programming.

Friday 15 August 2014

Admission Requirements Into Computer Science Department In A Nigerian University

Admission Requirements for Computer Science

Due to the pandemonium Computer Science aspirants face as a result of lack of correct subject combination in a bid to get admitted into the university, This post is detailed to keep them apprised on the requirements and any shortcomings they might have to avoid making very avoidable and catastrophic mistakes that a lot of aspirants make.

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